About Me

Well, if you're here reading this blog, you're likely in one of two categories:

Category 1) you know myself or my husband (or more likely both of us)
Category 2) you yourself are on a fertility journey and are looking for a way to cope

Well if you're in category 1, you probably don't need to read this, so go ahead and skip it. No really, nothing new here.

Alright, so who am I? Who is Femme InFertile? I am a 30 year old Canadian infertile living in Houston, TX. Yes, I define myself as an infertile. Not because I've given up home on becoming a mother, but because it has become part of my identity, and a part that I own and accept, no matter how hard it may be some days.

My husband and I met young, got married young, and started trying for a family young. We met at age 22, got married at age 25, and started trying for a family at age 26. Yes, we've been trying for over 5 years now. I only came to this realization yesterday and I have to tell you, it was a bit of a shocker.

Mr. Femme InFertile (we'll name him Homme InFertile) works in the finance industry and his job relocated us to the states in early 2015. He works long hours but loves his job. I used to own a portrait photography business and worked as an art and drama teacher in Canada before we moved, and am now making my own rules as an actress, photographer, producer, and writer. Dream big!

A little bit about us as people. I'm a hard core movie and popcorn lover. I could go to a movie everyday and eat a large bag of popcorn and be happy with my life. Although Homme InFertile likes movies, I'm definitely the instigator. BUT... that being said, I have other passions too. I love to dance (I'm currently taking tap classes), I love drawing and painting (also enrolled in a fashion art drawing course at FIT), and enjoy being active (volleyball, golf, softball, snowboarding etc). Homme InFertile loves to golf, having grown up with golfing parents and as a junior member at a golf course (he can kick my butt with a blindfold I swear). He also loves scotch, watching sports (like most men), and used to play basketball until a busted knee took him out. Another passion of ours is travel. As much as I love my possessions (and let me tell you... I like nice things...), I will always choose an adventure over things.

We have been to many countries and explored many places including hiking the inca trail in Peru, seeing the Pyramids in Egypt, scuba diving the great barrier reef in Australia, hiking up to the Acropolis in Greece, surfing the waves in Nicaragua to name a few.

We may not have been blessed in the baby-making department, but we sure feel blessed in our relationship. All of our struggles have made us a stronger couple, and we truly are each others' best friends. We are determined to have a family, and believe, somehow, someday, it will happen.

On that note. Now that you know who we are, its time to delve in to that a bit!

-Femme InFertile

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