Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Lupron Fears & Therapeutic Tears

So I just got off the phone with the pharmacy for my Lupron Depot 3 month injection. Ugh. Do you know how expensive those things are!? At least my insurance covered some of it, but then I did a bunch of bouncing around on the phone to get a very small, but also appreciated, co-pay assistance from the manufacturer. If you don't know what the Lupron Depot is, it's a treatment course for Endometriosis. It basically puts your body in a false state of menopause in the hopes of stalling the disease. It causes a lot of horrible side-effects, one of the most concerning for me is the very real bone loss effect. Need to up my calcium stat!

I'm in a great online forum and have support from ladies who've been on it before, but they do nothing to ease my fears. Everyone is different though, so we'll see how I do. Arrives tomorrow but no clue as to when I'm supposed to take it. Maybe CD1? How bizarre to live in a world where no one communicates anything and you really have to dig for all the resources and information yourself. So different in Canada from my experience. USA... figure it out!

Anyways, on a separate note, on of those mentioned ladies posted the following articles which caused tears to stream down my face. Sometimes it just feels good to be reminded that we're not alone in this journey, and that someone else understands. Infertility can be so isolating. I had a very frank talk with my friend who was just in town visiting, and we discussed it. How no one asks, and yet if they ask, it can be at such an inappropriate time. Or when they get an answer they don't know what to say. She admitted to it herself, and though she cares deeply she really doesn't know what to do. She tries, and I appreciate that much, but until you've lived it, I really don't think you get it.

So for you, my blog readers, a reminder that you too are not alone. That you're not the only one to not yet have their happily ever after, and not alone in worrying that day may never come. Hugs to you.


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ps. hope you like the new blog style, I got bored of my old one ;)

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