Monday, 22 August 2016

Cooking for my Cause

So if you're anything like me, you absolutely will do anything and everything to finally see those two double lines pop up on your HPT. The most recent trend worth trying I decided was the Autoimmune approach to eating. So, being the good little infertile I am, I obligingly bought two of the most standard "must have" resources for this.

The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook by Mickey Trescott

and The Paleo Approach by Sarah Ballantyne

Of course I bought them about two months ago, flipped through them, and they've proceeded to sit on my counter unused. That being said I AM planning on using them, and have every intention of giving them a true effort, but I'm just not fully ready.

See as I settle into a new city, and absorb the fact that my third IVF failed, wondering if I'm destined to be an infertile forevermore, I decided I needed to be kinder to myself. This meant stopping the negative self-talk, the hate-on I had for my body, and in general, not restricting myself beyond what's necessary.

Right now we're "on a break" (oooooh... maybe I'll get pregnant.... NOT *insert eye roll*), so I'm letting myself cheat a little. If you've read my blog from the front end to the back end, which I'll admit is highly unlikely, you'll know I'm Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Egg-Free, Alcohol-Free and have recently eliminated red meat and pork. So "cheat" for me, really just means, ya I'm going to indulge in this gluten-free cookie that has a tiny big of egg white in it. Or sure, toss me one of those buckets of almond-milk peppermint dairy-free ice cream bite tubs full of sugar... and fully expect me to polish it off. But for now it's keeping me sane.

So when do I plan to start? Well... I definitely plan to give it a go as I begin my 3 month round of Lupron Depot. Not only am I anticipating feeling pretty crummy while on it, providing even more of a need for healthy eating, but also we are considering following up with an FET and I'd really love to give myself the best possible chance as usual.

Funny thing is, I think my body has been pretty happy on my diet as is for the most part. Sure I could do with more whole foods and less sugar and corn, but overall my body has made some major shifts since implementing the strict diets aforementioned. For example, my cycles! TMI alert... you'd been warned, but I used to spot for 7 days pre-menstrual cycle. 7 DAYS! That's a whole period before my period. So basically half the month I was bleeding out my hoo-ha. Fun right!? But lately I've been wondering if maybe, possibly I'm pregnant month after month because no... more... spotting. Of course, never ever have I been pregnant, so this is the hopeful naivety in me, but still very promising to see such a healthy shift in my cycle like that.

If I can feel even BETTER... well sign me up. Just give me a few more cookies first... 

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