Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Financial Coordination Call

So we had the financial coordination call with the clinic and all is good to rock and roll. We have fantastic coverage under the new insurance and feel super duper grateful and blessed. It's a huge relief as you can expect since we've already paid so much up to this point. The well eventually starts to run dry...

We have a call with the nurse on Friday to discuss the calendar and meds so hopefully the costs associated with the cycle medication aren't astronomically high... we're anticipating a little bit at least out of pocket since we have quite an extensive cycle planned and much of it is out of the realm of a typical transfer so who knows what they'll be willing to pay for. That remains to be seen.

We've booked our flights and looks like my mother might be able to come watch our dog while we're away which is a huge stress off if it works out. He suffers from pretty bad separation anxiety so it's nice for him to be properly taken care of while we're gone. We board him when we're gone for shorter periods but we're gone for about 2 weeks and that's just not fair to him at all. Cycling out of town makes things a little complicated but oh well.. that's where my embryos are!!! haha... not too shabby anyway to have to go to NYC, twist my rubber arm ;)

Speaking of transfer, found out my RE really wants me to be sedated again... says the transfer is too difficult to do without it so that's a bit cray cray. Makes me feel hopeful though that if the reason for our prior failures has been difficult transfer, that now that he's done it once, it may go more smoothly... plus the addition of immune protocol... please oh please let it work!!!

ps. if you haven't already checked out my YouTube Channel, you can follow along with my journey there! :)

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