Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Biopsy, SHG & Trial Transfer

So, first off... holy crap is the US different than Canada. In Canada, I had to wait something like 6 months after being refered to an RE to actually get a CALL to make an appointment. Then the next available appointment was months and months away. Ridiculous. Then communication was very limited during the treatment and you never (or rarely ever) had your actual doc. It was whoever was on shift.

Now the US experience is completely flipped. Now, I have good health insurance, so I know I'm lucky as a lot of it is covered, but private health care is substantially more patient centered than public. I can contact the clinic directly and get an answer right away. I can email my doctor directly, and get an answer back within 24 hr (usually much faster), and I have a lot more control over my care.

Anyways, that was just a rant because I kept emailing my doc and he kept emailing me back with smiley faces, like it was no big deal. I was blown away. Probably seems small and insubstantial, but a new experience for me.

I was all confused about when I was supposed to be doing my biopsy. At first I thought it was mid Jan, then my cycle before got all messed up and I was thinking it would be in Feb, but after this chain of emails, I now realize it IS mid-January. But the kicker is... darling hubby is going to be out of town so I'm flying solo.

AHh :s

So I'm having a uterine biopsy (Scratch) done, along with an SHG and trial transfer. Because of my difficult transfers in the past, they are sedating me (or putting me to sleep... can't remember). No idea what this will do to me, or how I'll feel upon waking, so I'm freaking out that I'll be completely alone. Wondering if I should have my mom come into town and take care of me.
If anyone has experienced anything similar I'd love love LOVE you to comment with suggestions.

Anyways. Excited to get a move on and get started. Looks like my biopsy etc. will be around January 16th to 19th ish.... thats a big ISH since my cycles are totally wonky and you just never know when I'll ovulate.

Anyhoo... I'm gonna go mull on all this and stew in my fear. Wish me luck! :s

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