Thursday, 17 March 2016

Cray Cray Continues

So Homme InFertile and I spoke about the docu-series more in length and ended up pulling our names out. We committed to it before he lost his job, and it's just becoming too stressful with all we have going on already - him finding a job, likely moving to an entirely new city, and of course, IVF...

So that is no longer in the works.

On a separate note... my crazy hasn't gone away... in fact it was made worse by a jump in temp after my dip last night. Could it be!?!?!

Ugh. I know I'm just getting my hopes way up to likely just get crushed one last month, but wouldn't it be nice!?!? Until I'm proven otherwise, I'm just going to blissfully and ignorantly believe it's possible. You just never know!

Okie dokie. Short update. That is all.

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