Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Weekend Getaway

Homme InFertile and myself took a belated Anniversary Trip to Orlando and NY this weekend. NY wasn't originally part of it but hubby had to go for work last minute and I conceded and joined him ... Though it didn't take much convincing.

I'm a super big nerd and have been wanting to go to Harry Potter World. Through treatment schedules and draining of funds, we just hadn't been able to make it happen. Plus we all know "pregnant women shouldn't ride" and well I kept hoping that I'd indeed get pregnant therefore rendering any plans useless. 5 years later with not a single positive hpt and I finally said screw it. So off we went. 

I was a little nervous about being around so many kids but the excitement and energy was infectious. Plus more adults than kids this past weekend I swear. I guess I'm not alone in my childish joy. 

Jurassic Park Ride though was my fav ride-wise. So much nostalgia. 

Also made time for some nice meals and poolside RnR. 

Then it was off to NYC which was exciting for me. I hadn't been back since we moved. Was great to revisit lots of my fav spots. 

Room with a view and room service was definitely a stark contrast to living there haha. 

All in all was great for us just to get away and reconnect as a couple. We've been through so much together: infertility, two massive moves, job loss etc, that it was much overdue. I smiled so much, and my heart felt fuller than it had in a long time. ❤️

So this is a great reminder to be sure to do things for yourself every now and again. It's so easy to be swept up in the infertility race that we forget to take care of the child inside ourselves. I'm glad to have been reminded of the importance of that this past weekend. 

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