Thursday, 28 January 2016

Just Another Curveball

So hubs had his urologist appointment last night. We weren't sure it was worth doing, since the concern is morphology possibly caused by varicocele and we're doing IVF anyway (likely with ICSI) but we decided to exhaust all testing just to be sure. So he went.

Based on some research regarding morphology, we were definitely expecting the urologist to mention varicocele. And he did.

But the doc was a little more concerned than we anticipated. See, it turns out that Homme InFertile happens to have some cysts. Are these caused by varicocele? Are these masses that could be cancerous? I wasn't there, and my darling husband didn't seem to ask many questions. My guess is, he was a little overwhelmed. But now I feel left in limbo. Of course I want kids and a family and all that, but my priority in this moment is making sure my husband is healthy and ok. So I'm worried of course.

He had blood tests done, and an ultrasound and is now having to do another sperm analysis and culture. After that is done, he'll go back for a follow up appointment. But that's scheduled for 2 weeks from now, which is a long time to stew in this new information.

Anyways. Not much we can do but continue to wait for more clarity. Luckily I'm really super busy working these next few weeks, so a helpful distraction I guess. Would just love to know that my lovely husband is going to be okay. Where's a crystal ball when you need one!?


  1. I really hope everything turns out ok with Homme InFertile!! Sending you both warm thoughts!! Big hugs.

    1. Thanks hun. Ya, I'm a bit overwhelmed running through scenarios in my head, so trying to stop myself from doing that as much as possible.
      Sperm analysis scheduled for Feb 9... that was the next available appointment (lame) so more waiting. Looking like we probably won't get going on our cycle until March maybe now. I dunno - so much up in the air. :(