Thursday, 7 January 2016

Testing Phase

So the testing has begun. I went in on Monday for my first check-up at RE to be monitored for ovulation. Once I ovulate, we schedule the biopsy for 10 DPO (days past ovulation). I've been stressing because I really wanted my husband to take me as they're putting me under in order to do the biopsy, SHG and trial transfer all at the same time, just to make things easier. Unfortunately he'll be away for a week starting next Saturday, and so timing is super unfortunate in that my 10dpo looks like it falls right during that week. Of course it does.

Anyways, I went on Monday to start being tracked. I'm going to be sharing images of the whole experience from start (of testing) through stimming, through transfer and beta. Below is the view from sitting in my stirrups. Quite glamorous.



While at my first appointment, the doc actually thought I might be ready to ovulate on Wednesday and that he'd trigger me to ensure ovulation happens and that we know exactly when.

Well I go back Wednesday and no such luck... eggie just taking her sweet time growing. Brutal. Had I ovulated Wednesday, there was a chance the biopsy would get scheduled for next Friday the 15th (the day before my husband leaves). So doc says based on egg size, I needed to go back tomorrow (Friday) to get re-checked. Well this a.m. I had a temp spike which could indicate ovulation. The thing is, my body likes to psych me out, and I often have little random rises that don't actual signify ovulation. So who knows... and based on my egg size its unlikely, but it would be such an awesome miracle if that had of happened on its own and all works out.

If I have to go to the biopsy on my own, I know I can handle it. I'm a pretty tough cookie. I'm just a bit nervous about having any kind of adverse reaction to the meds that put me to sleep. I'd love if I had a network of support here during times like that, but we're newer to the city and although I have numerous friends (and I'm sure they'd be happy to check in on me), I just really don't know them well enough to have them see me at my sickest time. Plus, many of them don't know about our situation just yet. You don't exactly meet people for the first time and share that.. well sometimes I do, I'm quite open... but the depth of it and my sadness about it? no.

So anyways, I'm in a bit of limbo at the moment trying to figure out the date for this biopsy but I'm hopeful to have a definitive answer or plan tomorrow morning. I also called today and made an appointment for our immune testing, and that's now scheduled for the 15th. Yay! We'll see what our killer attack and sperm antibodies situation is like. Give us a sense if we need intralipids for sure or not.

It's looking like the absolute earliest we might be able to start our next cycle would be end of January which would be so incredibly exciting. I'm just not sure how quickly they get results back for all this stuff. If we don't have all our answers by then it'll be mid/late Feb which is totally fine... just a month away'ish.

Just so excited to get going on this journey again. Anxious to start stimming!!!! Gimme dem needles! haha!


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