Saturday, 9 January 2016

3rd Times a Charm

So first check up I was realistic, I knew I'd need to go a second time. But then being told to go a third within a week (just tracking ovulation) kind of sucked. My body never cooperates.
So Friday (yesterday) I went back. Same old routine ensued... Vaginal Ultrasound (brrr that freezing cold blue jelly is sure to wake you up!), then bloodwork (always the same vein), and then me sitting sipping green tea latte because I get faint.




Because I experienced a temperature dip that morning I was hopeful I was ovulating on my own. The eggie was nice and big and all the other follicles had diminished, so it was looking like I wouldn't have to have the ovidrel shot to induce ovulation.

I got a call later in the day telling me my blood showed no surge and I would have to take the shot. BOO! My body continues to be on its own timeline haha, which I'm fine with... I'm a little slow moving myself, but not ideal for the eggie health I guess. I dunno.

So I went to the pharmacy and dished out a hundred bucks for a shot to tell my body to release the egg. This is when I really started to get cranky. I've spent a good 2 hours total this week at the doc office to track ovulation, which never happened, and am now dishing out money to make it happen, all the while being "rewarded" with injecting myself with a needle of hormones. Oh needles... how I haven't missed you... Yay. :|



The shot itself was totally fine. Not nearly as bad as the HCG shot to trigger release that I had for my first IVF. I remember it was so big I had to ice before and after. Maybe this one was smaller because I only had 1 egg to release... not sure. Fingers crossed its just gotten better in my absense and this is what I can expect during my upcoming fresh cycle cuz that was easy peasy lemon squeezie!

THEN... duh duh duhhhhh... the hormones started kicking in. As I said, I was kind of cranky to begin with, but then it was a whole new level. I think I'm super sensitive to drugs, but I started feeling uber angry at my husband (no good reason whatsoever) and emotional. So I went to bed, deciding that was just in everyones best interest haha. But then I couldn't sleep. I was hot, I felt like my skin was crawling, and some crazy ass dreams to top off a horrible nights sleep.

I woke up this morning feeling better. I definitely think I'm ovulating as the ovulation pain has increased slightly, so drugs must be doing their job.

Biopsy is now scheduled for Monday January 18th and my DH (darling husband) is going to be out of town. My mom is trying to get a standby buddy pass off my stepsister to come out and take care of me as I'll be under anethesia for the biopsy, SHG and trial transfers. When I come out of it, they want you to have a chaperone, and although I now have a few friends I could probably count on, its happening mid-morning and they all work. Anyways, hopefully my mom can score a pass, otherwise i'll just suck it up and take care of myself. Us infertiles are tough beasts! :)

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