Saturday, 2 April 2016

Sick + Cramping

I'm trying so so hard to fight off this cold. It's come to try and get me numerous times this cycle, but it had yet to get me down. Maybe because my friend was in town and I was in go mode, I dunno maybe that helped somehow, but after slowing down and resting, today it finally got me.

My nose was a leaky faucet all morning (it has since stopped), and now my throat is on fire. I'm doing everything I can to stay relatively healthy: lots of fluids (though that's also for OHSS), zinc, emergen-c, garlic, salt water gargles, but I wonder if its because of the intralipid infusion. I mean the whole rationale behind doing intralipids is an over-active immune system that fights off the egg from implanting.

So now I'm spinning my wheels wondering if I should just let myself be sick, or if I should continue trying to get better. Ugh. I'm confused and there's very little info out there. I go in tomorrow so will just ask doc/nurse then. For now. I'll treat the symptoms as best I can to feel relief, and just hope for the best.

Also, side note, I have some ovulation cramping going on. I'm assuming from the HCG trigger, but seems odd that I'm made to ovulate before the egg retrieval. I'm sure my cramping is partly due to how many follicles I have as well as the mild OHSS...


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