Saturday, 16 April 2016

Where to go from here...

Another negative this morning and I know it's really over. I'm technically 13dpo (or 8dp5dt) ... today was our initial test day plan for a reliable result and it's stark white (as expected).

So picking up the broken piece of another failed cycle and trying to move on. Or forward at least. Beta is still scheduled for Monday (though we know what the result will be), and our WTF appointment to follow directly.

I've made the decision to have surgery for my endometriosis before pursuing any further steps. I've found a great doc down in Houston, where we're moving next month or so. I'll have a consult, see what she has to say, do a laparoscopy or hysteroscopy depending on what she suggests and then see what she discovers. We're also considering PGS testing on our frozen embryos but we know that's not ideal/easy/or in some cases even possible since they're already frozen. Hindsight is always 20/20. It just felt so different this time, I guess we were just hopelessly optimistic.

I might be M.I.A for a while as we grieve, move cities (oh goodness), and get settled in our new life. Though doubtful I'll be able to stay away truly since this is such an outlet for me.

I hope to come back and finally finish my story with a happily ever after. One can dream.


  1. Damn. I am so sorry. I was really hoping that this was it for you. I'm glad you have a plan moving forward... I always feel better with a plan. Big big hugs to you.

    1. Ugh. I just wrote a whole long response and accidentally deleted it. Thanks for your support as always Kat. I too was very hopeful. Tentative plan is to pursue laparoscopy for endo before anything else, but learning lots from that fb group you added me to (thanks again for that), so hoping to heal first and then formulate a firm plan in time. Always thinking of you and praying for both our happy ever afters. xx