Friday, 1 April 2016

Day 12 (10 of stimms)

Had final BW/US checkup today and all eggies seemed to have grown. Huzzah! I'm ready to trigger tonight. Really nervous to allow Homme InFertile to do it for me but he's up for the task so we're going to give it a go. My last trigger was during my very first IVF round and I believe it was in the stomach and I gave it to myself... This will certainly be a trust building exercise for us.

Today the doc found 22 follicles, though it really seemed like at least 2 of them were re-counts. Fingers crossed those were our genuine numbers. I'm hyper-stimulating unfortunately, so been advised to have lots of fluids and take it very easy. I feel like my ovaries are just going to burst out of my pelvis. No jokes... not fun.

Went to acupuncture which I felt super sensitive to today for whatever reason. I guess lots of hormones in my body and its already all sensitive... anyway, wasn't the most pleasurable going in. Time flew by though and now I'm at home resting up.

Feeling a little dizzy, not sure if its from the cipro or what. Will have to have a nap and set an alarm for my trigger as I'm very VERY sleepy.

So short but sweet post today as I'm not feeling super chatty. Egg retrieval scheduled for Sunday.

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