Saturday, 2 April 2016

Day 13

ALL DONE SHOTS!!!!!! Yipee. Homme InFertile gave me my trigger last night and all went well. Now we wait.

So today is a lazy day. Because I'm at risk for OHSS I'm on self-prescribed bed rest. My ovaries just hurt too much when I walk so I'm talking it very VERY easy. I feel like a total lazy slob but its what I feel I need, so I'm just honoring that.

Tomorrow a.m. I go in for my egg retrieval. Not too too nervous about it, very relieved to be being put to sleep for it, and less scared of that whole process since I did it for the endometrial biospy. Homme InFertile finally has a job to do... time to step up to the plate... or uhhh cup I guess ;) haha. At least I think I'm funny ;)

Anyways, neighbour is practicing his saxophone and it is utterly beautiful. Turned off the TV and just listening to it with the windows open. NYC living at its finest.

Super excited to hear about how many eggs (mature and otherwise) they get tomorrow, and more importantly how many fertilize. I got all cray cray and gave a very detailed plan for fertilization. Here it is...

18+ Mature Eggs                   1/2 and 1/2 (rounding up to Natural ie. if 19 mature, 10 natural fert, 9 icsi)

16-17 Mature Eggs                8 ICSI, remainder NATURAL

12-15 Mature Eggs                7 ICSI, remainder NATURAL

8-11 Mature Eggs                  6 ICSI, remainder NATURAL

7 or less Mature Eggs           ALL ICSI

My ideal (but as realistic as I can be) situation is as follows:
  • Eggs retrieved: 20
  • Mature Eggs: 18
  • Attempt Fertilization: 9 ICSI, 9 Natural
  • Fertilization Successfully: 6 ICSI, 6 Natural
  • Make it to day 5: 4 ICSI, 4 Natural

That would mean we'd have 8 total to work with. Don't feel I need much more than that! 
Again, this is a very ideal (but hopefully realistic) outcome! I have no idea how my eggs will fertilize naturally. In the past the ICSI fertilized at about 1/2 rate (we got 7 mature eggs, 4 fertilized) and although we put 2 in on day 3, the other 2 made it to day 5, so its possible if they fertilize well more could progress.... 

Anyways. Time will tell. I'm getting ahead of myself... I'm just excited!

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